A project on the mountain top

IMG_7666On this project I performed a full wash down of all painted surfaces, and repainted fascia boards, cladding, downpipes, posts, handrailing, and any other surfaces that were weathering badly.  The owners chose a lovely colour scheme on the exterior of their property, and complemented it with their beautiful garden.  These photos were taken four months after completionIMG_7402IMG_7429IMG_7497IMG_7507IMG_7514IMG_7517IMG_7526IMG_7530IMG_7533IMG_7537IMG_7538IMG_7539IMG_7548IMG_7551IMG_7554IMG_7555IMG_7557IMG_7565IMG_7566IMG_7569IMG_7572IMG_7574IMG_7576IMG_7580IMG_7582IMG_7583IMG_7585IMG_7593IMG_7599IMG_7600IMG_7607IMG_7612IMG_7614IMG_7619IMG_7621IMG_7624

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