Pouring life back into a weathered deck

Decks have a hard life.  They continually get walked on, rained on, scuffed, suffer from the elements of the sun and dew, and are also exposed to the effects of barbeques and entertainment wear and tear.  Decks require regular maintenance; and so I recommend re-oiling once a year, usually around Spring, ready for the harshContinue reading “Pouring life back into a weathered deck”

Professional pressure cleaning

Do you know that we offer professional pressure cleaning as a part of our service? All surfaces get thoroughly cleaned down prior to painting.  We can also professionally pressure clean any parts of your property that may require cleaning down, even if you don’t require a painting service.  Another great way to maintain your propertyContinue reading “Professional pressure cleaning”

A project on the mountain top

On this project I performed a full wash down of all painted surfaces, and repainted fascia boards, cladding, downpipes, posts, handrailing, and any other surfaces that were weathering badly.  The owners chose a lovely colour scheme on the exterior of their property, and complemented it with their beautiful garden.  These photos were taken four monthsContinue reading “A project on the mountain top”