Client Reviews

Dorrigo, 2018

“We highly recommend Scott Aaron for your next painting job; he is the professionals’ professional; highly skilled, perfection in preparation and painting and of a standard we have rarely encountered. His level of care for property (carpets, floors, fittings and valuables) is comforting in the extreme and his respect for owners and occupants quite refreshing. Scott is calm, knowledgeable, patient and, in our case, could not do enough to help or please us.
There is one serious problem with Scott: knowledge of his high quality work and professional approach is spreading rapidly. If you are thinking of a paint job, large or small, call Scott now!” – V & M

Dorrigo, 2018

“I highly recommend Scott Aaron for professional workmanship; he is considerate and cooperative, provides a concise and detailed contract, is knowledgeable in assisting with colour choices, preparation is very thorough and cleanup is conducted quietly and efficiently. He came when he said he would, and communicated clearly.” – Louise

Bellingen, 2017

“We have just recently finished getting the exterior of our house painted. We decided to take a chance with a new painter that nobody knew much about as he has recently moved to Dorrigo with his fiance from up north. This painter and decorator is called Scott Aaron.
I wanted to post my absolute delight and astonishment at the quality of his workmanship. If anyone is looking for a quality painter, Scott is your man. He is the most polite and honest person you will ever come across. His neatness and cleanliness is second to none. Scott takes great pride in keeping all of his gear in perfect working order – a sure sign of a good tradesman.
On reviewing the painting of our totally wooden house, I am proud to say that I cannot find fault with anything. There are no runs to be seen anywhere. Scott took so much time in preparing all surfaces correctly before painting. As he told me, great painting requires great preparation. So many painters these days don’t seem to put any preparation in, they just slap on the paint. We cannot find even a drop of spilled paint on our wooden verandahs. Admittedly, he is not the cheapest painter around the area, but you definitely get what you pay for.
We are so lucky to have such a talented person join the list of tradies in our area. If you are genuinely looking for what I think, is the best painter I have ever come across, you should give Scott a chance.” – Shannon